All of our classes are meant to serve any fitness level from beginner to advanced


High intensity interval training

HIIT covers all your bases with circuits that keep you moving with little rest between sets so that you get the benefits of weight training with cardio, so you get stronger while keeping your heart rate up, and boost your metabolism


strength training

Strength training for all levels, we whole heartedly believe building strength is good for everyone, aside from ’getting toned’ and losing fat weight because you’re increasing your metabolic rate, more muscle will help you on the daily, wether it be posture during your work day, or conquering a ‘14er


power yoga

Yoga for strength, with power flows and holds, alongside some g5reat. strengthen, this will help you end your week right (ps.s on Fridays we have post yoga wine)


Butts and guts (core)

Think HIIT/strength traning but with a core focus, for us your core is more than your abs, its everything in the center of your body that helps keep you upright, and stable. Plus you know we all want a cute tooshy.


functional mobility training

Mobility training coupled with foam rolling techniques and range of motion exercises, geared to improve everyday movement.



Barre is low weight super high rep to burn out your endurance muscles, it’s great low impact training to help you get toned, and also a great method to help you train for things like marathons/races, or even weight lifting as your endurance muscle fibers will kick in to help push you farther.


Mat pilates

Pilates is very small movements all coming from your core, to help us re-learn to use these small stabilizing muscles to rebalance our bodies, very low impact this is a great addition to anyones regular training regimen.