what were all about


At Carbon we are 110% about being inclusive, fun, and authentic. We don’t just want to be where you workout sometimes, we want to improve your lifestyle in and out of the gym, help you create healthier habits, reach for, and then push beyond your goals. There is a class for anyone, with any health (or mirror) goal. No one yelling at you, no trend to jump on for a week or two, no having to run on a treadmill miserably for half an hour a day to lose a few pounds, just real, proven methods to keep you strong, healthy, and feeling your best. Join us for a class, or come in for a consult so we can show you what we’re all about!


My personal why

For any pursuit I believe there should be a strong why behind it, that it should be done with intent and purpose. After years of standing all day behind a chair in a salon, my body started screaming at me and I needed to learn how to take care of it to feel my best, and be able to continue working in the industry long term. This lead me to learn more about healthy eating and fitness in general.

Once I did take interest, I ran into issues like not fitting in at the gym, work schedules making it difficult, not being taken seriously (not swolle enough bruh! and guess what, I probably never will be because this is my frame, and that’s okay) being given inaccurate information to learn from, etc. So instead of months, it took me years of struggling with ‘yo-yo’ working out and eating habits to get to a place of stability, which was obviously extremely frustrating!

Enter group classes: my HOLY GRAIL, classes offered the ease of not having to create my own workout plan, they encourage healthy competition to keep you moving even when you really don't want to, and when you commit to a schedule you’re far more likely to get your ass off the couch and go! In 6 months I was able to go from simply maintaining, to gaining 6 pounds of muscle, doubling my lifting power, more than tone up, feel stronger, more confident, and all around better. Now that I know what works for me, I want to bring that to others in my community! The inspiration behind Carbon is to be able to provide others with the guidance and tools to make achieving your goals that much easier so that you don’t have to take years to get there.

Much appreciation to anyone who actually read this entire rambling, I hope to see you getting sweaty in the studio soon!

-Sloan, owner/operator/enthusiast